Main Stream Media Blasts Trump’s CPAC Speech

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

Just when you thought they’d dozed off, the MSM (Mainstream Media) came rushing out of the gate this past Sunday to critique and “fact-check” Trump’s speech at CPAC. They ran like horses barreling around the track toward the grand prize—nostrils flared, cheeks puffed, panting all the way. 

I’ll be honest, the media has been so quiet and subservient since Biden took office that I almost forgot they were so slanted. 


But then I read some of their assessments of Trump’s speech and found them almost laughable. As always, their “fact-checkers” deemed the speech to be riddled with lies and hyperbole. (Hey, at least they’re consistent in their assessment. You’ve gotta give ‘em that!)

Still, it felt weird to have such a great speech torn apart. I listened to every word and agreed with all of it. 

Guess I’ll never get a job as a fact-checker. 

Honestly? If I worked for the MSM (Mainstream Media) I’d be bored out of my mind during the Biden administration. I mean, there are only so many times (and ways) you can gush over the man before you start feeling like a patsy. 

For six weeks, with their chosen leader behind the wheel, they’ve had no one to shred. No one to ridicule. No one to accuse. Now that their candidate of choice is in office, they’ve turned into zombies on us. And, I’ll be honest. . .I’ve gotten so used to the way they give him a free pass on, well, everything, that I was kind of hoping they’d gotten all of the snarky-ness of their systems. 

Guess they haven’t. 

I do have to admit, Trump gave them a lot to work with. He addressed Every. Single. Horrible. Thing. Biden has done since entering office six weeks ago. 

Yeah, it was a long speech. 

Maybe you’re hoping I’ll share some of the nasty things they had to say about Trump. I think I’d rather not, if you don’t mind. Seeing their ugly words in print took me back to the election cycle, when their accusations ran thick and ugly. I’m not into thick and ugly, thank you very much. 

What I am into is the truth. And, for once, I wish the media would share it. 

Side note: I had lunch with a semi-conservative friend the other day. When I shared some of my concerns about all that’s going on with Biden’s executive orders, this sweet friend was stymied. “Where in the world did you hear all of that?” she asked. 

I mentioned conservative sites like this one and she was floored. She’d never heard of anything other than MSM. She only gets her news from the “major stations.” 

Oy vey.

And that, my friends, is the problem. We have to keep spreading the words about sites like Civil Patriot. Conservatives like my friend need better options. Like so many liberals, they simply don’t realize they’re being lied to. 

The truth will set you free. 

You’ll find it here, at Civil Patriot. 



  1. I’m glad you can research but can you get legislation passed, name one person you got elected, how many indictments of liberals for fraud or other, impeachments or recalls.
    ‘Show me the beef’
    How much uniting of the GOP.
    Every gop candidate wants money not ideas.
    There’s no one listening to us.


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