Our Week, at a Glance

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

A week has passed since the chaos at the U.S. Capitol and a lot has happened. 

Trump was faulted with all of the negative bits, of course. Because. . .politics. And because of an incredible hatred for the man that exceeds anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. The narrative about him has been over-the-top and riddled with inaccuracies and overblown hyperbole. In other words, pretty much a typical week. 

He was booted from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and now Snapchat. Not that I recall seeing him post on Snapchat, but. . .whatever. 

The words “racist,” “White Supremacist,” and “Klu Klux Klan” have all been used by media and/or legislators this week to define Trump and/or those who voted for him. 

PBS called for the children of Trump supporters to be placed into their care to be re-programmed. 

The House of Representatives tried to pressure VP Pence into invoking the 25th amendment, removing Trump from office in the final weeks of his presidency because he is (supposedly) such a danger to society at large. Pence declined. 

Related to the events of January 6th: A timeline was put together by Epoch Times (and another by Lance Wallnau, a Christian minister who was there to hear Trump speak). Both of those timelines prove that the people hearing Trump speak couldn’t possibly have been the same people who broke into the Capitol. There simply wasn’t time between the two events for that to happen. So, the notion that Trump sent his hearers marching into the Capitol to commit a heinous assault against their legislators is simply not true. I mention this here because you won’t hear that same narrative on any Mainstream Media outlets.  

A prominent BLM activist/Antifa protestor was arrested on Thursday for his role in the break-in. John Sullivan was caught on video bragging about posing as a Trump supporter and about breaking windows at the U.S. Capitol building during the riots. Again, not something you’ll hear on any of the major networks. 

This didn’t top Big Tech from punishing the President and many of his attorneys and close associates. Project Veritas managed to snag a recording of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talking about President Trump and making plans for even more political censorship. Betcha won’t hear that on the evening news. 

Speaking of Twitter: Big Tech suffered some deep financial losses this week after dumping Trump from their platforms. Stockholders hit ‘em where it hurt—in their pocketbooks. Between Facebook and Twitter, there was a whopping $51.2 BILLION dollar loss. 

Speaking of hitting them in the pocketbooks, Trump supporters are vowing to stay off of Facebook today (Friday, January 15th) for a full 24 hours. They are hoping that doing so causes a ripple effect with advertisers. 

Since we’re talking about money—several major corporations have decided not to fund conservatives who spoke up about election fraud. 

Speaking of fraud, while no one was looking, Peter Navarro and Jovan Pulitzer both presented more evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election, which points to the (very unpopular and oft-disputed) notion that Trump did, indeed, win. (Not that anyone will do anything about it.) 

Speaking of elections, down in Texas: A/G Ken Paxton had a woman arrested who bragged on video about delivering thousands of votes for tens of thousands in cash. The charge? Election fraud and illegal voting. (Shh! The Democrats don’t think fraud exists, so please don’t let them know an actual arrest was made!) 

The inauguration of president-elect Biden is set to move forward, though details are sketchy. One thing we know for sure—D.C. is now a police state with National Guard Troops authorized to use lethal force. 

Speaking of the Inauguration: President Trump called on Americans to be peaceful and to skip any and all demonstrations. (One can only hope they comply.)

President Trump strengthened a ban on U.S. Investment in Chinese military companies. (Is this going to affect anyone we know?) 

And, finally: President Trump has just declassified the Russia Collusion Documents, which should release sometime today. (This should be fun!) 

Other than that, absolutely nothing has happened this week. 

Oh, wait. . .yes it has. The House of Representatives (a term I use loosely, since most don’t actually represent us) impeached our President. Again. Because once wasn’t enough, apparently. 



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