Pack the Court? What’s the Point?

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D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

“Is he going to pack the court?” 

Joe Biden was repeatedly asked this big-buzz question around the time of the second debate. “Are you going to pack the court, Joe? Well, are ya?”

We knew the answer, of course. He wouldn’t come out and say it, but the plan was already in motion on the left. Angry over Trump’s appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Democrats had already filled their quiver with seedy plans to keep the judicial branch of government from tipping too far to the right. For the first time in years, they would give serious thought to “packing” the Supreme Court and they would use the Biden administration to do it. 

There’s nothing in the Constitution about the number of justices on the Supreme Court, so this might seem like a logical answer if your team is down in the 4th quarter. You’re a liberal and the court is too conservative for your liking? Pack it with more liberals. You’re a conservative and the court is too liberal for your liking? Pack it with more conservatives. 

You get the idea. 

To pack the court means adding more judges. This can be done simply by passing a law. What’s the harm in that? 

As my Grandpa would’ve said: “Hold yer horses, fellas! Yer a’headin’ fer a ditch!” 

Grandpa would’ve been right. Once done, decisions like this can’t be undone. If each new administration comes in and packs the court in their direction, before long there are twenty-five justices sitting on the Supreme Court and nothing gets done because no one can agree. It’s nothing but chaos and confusion over there in D.C. (Not unlike what we’re seeing now.) 

But here’s my question, and it’s a legitimate one. What’s the point? After watching the Supreme Court in action over the past few weeks, after seeing them reject legitimate election fraud cases right and left, I’ve decided Joe’s already got his dream court. Those of us on the right were just too blinded (and hopeful) to see it. 

There was a kid in my 6th grade class. Let’s call him Kevin. He always had a team of other boys around him—his disciples, I guess you’d call ‘em. They did whatever Kevin said. Oh, if you got those kids alone—say, in a quiet conversation—they might tell you that they were secretly terrified of Kevin. But, once in his presence, they went along with whatever he told them to do.

That’s D.C., folks. It’s the legislative branch. It’s the judicial branch. And, until Donald Trump bolted into the Oval Office, it was the executive branch. Until he took office I’m not sure any of us would’ve come right out and said, “Yep, there’s a Deep State.” But we’re saying it now. Kevin is very real. And he’s bullying all of them. . .except Trump. 

Sometimes I reach the “What does it matter, anyway?” point. Who cares if they pack the court or don’t pack the court? Who cares if we elect Republicans or Democrats? If the Deep State is really intimidating all of them equally, what does any of that matter? 

Then, other times, I think about the Donald Trumps of this world. They’re standing up to the playground bullies. They’re not letting Kevin boss them around. And, in the process, they’re making sure the other kids on the playground are safe, too. 

In those moments, truth be told, it just makes me want to fight harder than ever. So, today I’ll square my shoulders and look those bullies in the eye. 

Deep State. . .I’m putting you on notice. 

The South is coming for you. 



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