That Voter Fraud Thing Just Won’t Go Away

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

The Left tried to hide it. The media tried to say it didn’t exist. Big Tech tried to censor anyone who said it was true. And the courts refused to allow cases to debate it. 

Election fraud. 

Just the mention of the two words sends a shiver down the spine. Oh, not because of the actual fraud, itself, but because of the fallout for those who believe it took place in the 2020 election. (Have you ever seen a group of people so bloodied in battle as those who dared to speak up after the election?) 

And yet, this voter fraud thing just won’t go away. 

And it’s not just happening on a national scale, though we definitely saw it in November in the presidential election. Here are a few breaking fraud stories we at Civil Patriot can’t ignore: 

NEW JERSEY: In New Jersey, two city councilmen were indicted on mail-in voting charges related to the city’s May 2020 election. 

GEORGIA: The House of Representatives in the state of Georgia has passed a bill to reform a variety of election rules (which includes things like absentee voting, voter ID, time limits for voting, and ballot drop boxes). 

MISSISSIPPI: In Mississippi, Judge Jeff Weill has ordered a new runoff election after discovering 78% of mail-in ballots in a June 2020 runoff election were fraudulent. 

ARIZONA: An audit of the 2020 presidential election results is currently taking place in Arizona. Every mail-in ballot from Maricopa County will be examined to determine if fraud took place and (if so) whether it affected the outcome of the election. Here’s what General Mike Flynn had to say about that process: 

If Maricopa County wants to regain the confidence of the people in Arizona, and help the rest of the country regain their trust in the voting system, they will ensure the best audit possible takes place in the state. If Maricopa County does the right thing, they will do a full forensic audit of all 2.1 million ballots, voting machines & servers. If they don’t they are doing a disservice to the citizens of Maricopa, Arizona, and this country, and frankly, the entire world is watching Maricopa County.

NATIONAL: Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate will soon look at (and vote on) HR1, a controversial, lopsided election bill that will change the makeup of how elections are handled in the U.S. The House passed this bill on March 3rd. If it passes the Senate (please God, no!) then our elections will be much easier to steal in the future. The bill also does away with free speech and other freedoms for churches and para-church organizations. There’s nothing to love about HR1 if you’re a conservative or a person of faith.

I rarely talk about voter fraud anymore because it’s a taboo subject. But I kept a file from November 7th until January 6th of every breaking story related to fraud claims. When I finally gave up on my project the file was over 300 pages long. 

I will never believe fraud didn’t take place. That’s why I’m so keen on making sure HR1 doesn’t pass and why I believe states need to take a stand for how they will handle elections with integrity. 

Then again, I’m a little old-fashioned like that. I believe our votes should actually count. 


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