Tucker Carlson to interview Hunter Biden's ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski


Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski, who has alleged that former Vice President Joe Biden was aware of his son’s pursuit of Chinese business deals despite the 2020 Democratic nominee’s claim to the contrary, will tell his side of the story during a Tuesday night interview with conservative TV host Tucker Carlson.

“Tony Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden about China,” Carlson tweeted Monday afternoon. “The media have suppressed the story, but it’s real and it matters. Voters have a right to know the details. Bobulinski sits for an extended interview Tuesday night at 8PM ET on Fox News.”

A press release from Fox News said, “The interview, which will be Bobulinski’s first on camera since coming forward about his business dealings with Biden, Bobulinski will discuss new allegations regarding his relationships with both Hunter and the former Vice President.”

Carlson, who over the summer was declared to have the highest-rated program in cable news history, will conduct the interview exactly one week before Election Day.

Newly released texts from Bobulinski suggest that Joe Biden met with Bobulinski, Hunter Biden, and his brother James Biden in 2017. At the time, Hunter and his associates were pursuing a lucrative deal with a Chinese tycoon, complicating claims from the former vice president that he never discussed business dealings with his son.

The texts are part of a trove of hundreds of documents from Bobulinski obtained by the Washington Examiner, including dozens of WhatsApp messages, emails, letters, and business proposals. Bobulinski has also provided the records to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and to the FBI, and Bobulinski did a sit-down interview with the bureau on Friday. His records are separate from those purportedly on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Bobulinski, a former Navy lieutenant who has done business around the world, is listed as one of the recipients of a May 13, 2017, email detailing a business deal between a Chinese company and Hunter Biden.

“I am the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family. I was brought into the company to be the CEO by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden. The reference to ‘the Big Guy’ in the much-publicized May 13, 2017, email is, in fact, a reference to Joe Biden,” Bobulinski said on Thursday, adding, “Hunter Biden called his dad ‘the Big Guy’ or ‘my chairman’ and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing.”

The “big guy” email is from Gilliar to Hunter Biden and others, sent May 13, 2017, and it says, “We have discussed and agreed the following renumeration packages.” The email noted that Hunter Biden would receive “850” ($850,000) and lists him as “Chair/Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC” — the China Energy Fund Committee.

CEFC is a multibillion-dollar Chinese conglomerate founded by Ye Jianming, a Chinese Communist Party-linked business tycoon who has since disappeared in China but with whom Hunter Biden had attempted to work out numerous deals. The email goes on to say that “at the moment there’s a provisional agreement that the equity will be distributed as follows,” including “20” (20%) for “H” (Hunter). The email also asks about “10 held by H for the big guy.”

In September 2019, after being pressed by Fox News, Joe Biden said, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

Bobulinski spoke at a surprise press conference in Nashville on Thursday before the second presidential debate.

“I have heard Joe Biden say that he has never discussed business with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden,” Bobulinski said, adding, “I was advised by Gilliar and [Rob] Walker that Hunter and Jim Biden were paranoid about keeping Joe Biden’s involvement secret.”

Joe Biden denied during the final debate last week that he has been involved in any family business dealings or any overseas deals. “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life,” he said.

“Joe Biden has never even considered being involved in business with his family nor in any overseas business whatsoever,” Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates told the Washington Examiner. “He has never held stock in any such business arrangements nor has any family member or any other person ever held stock for him.”

The former vice president has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing by him or his son and dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop story as part of a “Russian plan.” Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said that “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.”

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